Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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This is something that a very special psychic sent to us for publication on our psychic readings blog. It was written by a very famous psychic.
A male clairvoyant called "The Romance Psychic"
This psychic offers free psychic readings, psychic readings with specials, and is found all over the web. If you simply just Google The Romance Psychic you will find so many posts and articles about this psychic and his psychic readings that you will just have to know more. You can get a free psychic reading from this amazing psychic by going to this psychic's personal web page http://www.theromancepsychic.com
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in the near future as we are working out some special just for our visitors but for nor we wanted to post something that he sent us that may come in very handy for anyone who is looking for information about a psychic reading, but more importantly a psychic romance reading. This is a post that we just loved. It tells you the basics of how men and women deal with relationships. How to get the most from your free psychic reading. What psychic questions to ask, and it helps you to determine exactly what segment or situation you are in. This is not just another psychic post, we found this to be quite amazing.
Psychic Reading Post From An Amazing Psychic
I have taken a few days to write this for many of my clients and others who want a free psychic reading, or just want a psychic reading where you know you will get the truth. It is about moving forward. I did not say moving on, I did not say forgetting because this is for just about everyone. Even if you do not want a psychic reading this will help your relationship. Each and everyone of my family of clients can get some help from reading this post. If you are not yet one of my family of clients and want a free psychic reading read this first. I was asked by many of my clients to write something inspirational, write something to help them move on, to help them make things better, to help them ask the right questions during their psychic reading, so I have decided to write this, something for just about every situation that will help you I hope.

Now before I begin I want to say that every situation, every psychic reading, every psychic or romance related call I get is different. Many of you at this time are in fabulous relationships and do not need to change anything, some of you are at the end of a relationship and are having trouble moving forward, many are still holding on and waiting for the other person to change and many of you are working on your relationships or marriages and trying to make things better, so please this is a general post meant for everyone but does not necessarily apply directly to you. No matter what situation you are in, a psychic reading can and will help you. If you want to know about your situation or relationship, and want to know exactly what to do at this time, then the best thing to do is call me for a psychic reading, find out exactly what is happening at this time and what is likely to happen given the fact that you do nothing, and then ask me for advice on what you need to do to either make things better if needed, if possible, and to then use that advice to make yourself happy, to whatever is needed to make you feel better, to make your life better.
This is about you and your feelings, not about another, not about the relationship or marriage, it is all about what you need to do to make you feel better, to make your life better, to use my psychic readings to put you on the right path that will lead you to pure happiness. You must understand that if you are not happy now then nothing is going to work. If you are not in a relationship now and you are not happy yourself then please do not think that you can just find someone to put in your life that is going to change everything and make you happy. You cant replace happiness with anyone, you can however make yourself happy and that will allow karma to make changes start to happen in your life that will lead you to another, because we as humans are really not meant to be alone. I say this with very special exceptions. In general we are meant to share our lives with another. Humans have done that since the beginning of time. It is a genetic thing. What is a relationship? A relationship, a real committed relationship, is two people who combine their individual lives into one life, each person puts the other before them, and they become one. Yes, that is a very simple explanation but again in general that is what I consider a real relationship. Feelings for another person, strong feelings that you may call love, or in love,


 I try myself not to use that word because love or in love means different things to different people so in my psychic readings I say strong feelings or very strong feelings and try to explain or convey to you the level of those feeling that another person may have for you. Here is one big problem that so many people need to understand.
Just because someone has very strong feelings for you or even loves you and professes that love for you does not necessarily mean that that person wants, or can at this time enter into a committed relationship. I can not even begin to tell you how many times someone has said to me "if he or she loves me, or has the same feelings for me that I have for them, then why don’t they want to be with me, why do they not want to be in a committed relationship with me." I hear this so much and the problem is that just because another person cares for you, has very strong feelings for you, does not mean that that he or she wants to be, or as the ability to be in a relationship with you. This is a dilemma. It is normal to think that one goes hand in hand with another but it just does not, and this is more so for men than women. Most women if they have strong feelings for a man will naturally want to be and assume the other wants to be with them, wants to be in a strong committed relationship, and wants to give up his singular life and combine his life with hers. This is so not true in many cases. This is what I will explain next. This is so important so read it well and even twice if needed.


Men are indeed allot different than women, especially in this circumstance. A man may have huge feelings for you, even as you may say loves you but for a variety of reasons he can't or is not ready to combine his life with yours. This may come from many different reasons such as bad past experiences in a marriage or long term relationship and he is scared, he may not want to ruin what he thinks is a perfect situation, he may feel he is not ready because of financial reasons. Men do want to know that they can take care of the women he is with. A man may just not be ready, he may not be as far into the feelings as you are or even as far as he says he is. This is a great reason to use or at least try a male psychic, a true clairvoyant, who can give you a great psychic reading with that unique male point of view that only a male psychic can give you when asking questions about another male. 

He may just, and this is something I pick up when reading many men, and relationships for my clients, he may just not want to combine his life with yours. he may be holding onto his personal life, his individuality and is not ready to let that go because the real truth is that when you decide to be in a real committed relationship with another person you give up your own life, hopefully for a better one that is a combination of both of yours but many men do not want to lose their individual lives. They do not want to give up things that they know or feel they have to in order to be with a women the way a women needs them to be. It can be as simple as not wanting to give up hanging out at the bar with their buddies, or giving up a Platonic friendship with another women they have known or know, or even an ex wife or ex girlfriend they still talk to, and lets face it, if you are going to be in a real solid forever committed relationship with another person you are going to have to give up many of these individual life things. You are going to have to make the trade and it should work out better but you have to be ready, willing, and able to do this. You need to be ready to call the person you are in a relationship with everyday, make more time to see her, trade things you do with your friends for things you do with your new partner. This seems to be much harder for men to do than for women to do. Men hold on to their individual lives harder than women. Women are smarter, they think and know that a relationship as in two people together, two people are better than one, is a good thing and understand that much easier than men do. Women do need to understand that men think differently about all of this, they know that the way they are going to have to change their lives is a major change and change scares everyone. men know they are going to need to pretty much change the way they do just about everything because it is not just about them anymore, they feel they are the ones that the women is counting on and they feel more pressure. Some men are just not ready, some men feel they have more time left. Women tend when I read them to have a clock going, realize that it is time to be with another person. Men on the other hand do not have this feeling in their minds, they feel they can wait, that they have all the time in the world, and sometimes and in many cases it is because the women they are with and have been seeing have let them get into the groove of it is ok to just go like things have been going and not have to take that step. Women sometimes do not give out consequences to the man for fear of them leaving the relationship so the man just does what he wants to knowing that he can and he does not have to make a choice.

This is where a psychic reading comes in, you must not push a man too fast, you need to now where he is and what pace he is on, if you push too hard he will back off, if you do not push sometimes you will never get anywhere and that is what a psychic reading will help you with. I will be able to tell you where he is, if he needs a push, if he needs space, if he is ready, or not and if not when. I also sometimes have to say never or at least answer that question by saying not anytime in the near future and believe me that is very hard. I know people do not want to hear that in some cases. Many people want the fairytale story, I do not do that. I answer honestly and accurately so that you can make the right choices and the right moves that are good for you. Yes good for you and keep that in mind as you read this because this article I am writing for my clients is all about their happiness and that is what each and everyone of you need to understand, your happiness comes first, it is the only way to make things work. You must be happy first with yourself, your life and other things before you can putt another person in your life. If you are not happy alone than you are not going to be able to successfully have another person in your life. You cant replace self happiness by just having another person in your life you must make yourself and your life happy first. I am going to talk about those things next and the steps you may need to take to make yourself happy first but before I do that I want to say this.


Each situation, reading, relationship, person, is different. There is no reading in which things are the same and only a personal reading can give you the right answers and the right direction to help you obtain happiness, help you make your relationship better, help you get the man you want to be closer to you, and to make things better in general. Everyone is different. there re many similarities but every single person and situation is different and men get worried, pull away, run, and act strange for so many different reasons that there is not paper long enough to even begin to list them. So use this as a guide butt not as a substitute for a real psychic reading and real advice that is perfect for you. People call me for so many different reasons, not just relationship, but job, financial and other. Each of my clients is unique and special.

Each are my family some as close to me as my mother was, or my sister is too me, or if I had a brother my brother. You are all my family and I want nothing but the best for you. the best guy, the best job, and the best of life, and that is my goal to help you obtain true happiness, the happiness that you want first but if it is something that is not going to work, I want to be able to help you get past that part of your life the fastest so that you can get to another space in your life that will bring you true happiness. We each have many soul-mates running all over the face of the earth for each of us. you may not feel at one point that there is another person that you will want as much as the one you may want now, but please trust me, after 30 years of reading people I can tell you for a fact that there are many great loves for each and everyone of us and that if you look back in life many of you will understand this as truth and many will still believe that there is only one, but there is more than just one perfect person for you. M goal as your psychic is to help you get the man or women you want, that is first and foremost, but if that is not possible, or not possible at this time I will tell you and hopefully you will allow me to help get you on the correct path so that the next perfect person will be there for you on your life’s path in the shortest amount of time. Lets talk now about some steps you may have to go through if you need to start over, start fresh, change your path to a better one, or just change things in your life so that what you want now you can have. Not always does starting over or starting fresh mean that it will not lead you back to the person you want now but may lead you back to this person at a later time. I have seen so many miracles , so many things that I never myself even thought possible to happen have happened, so I never say never and realize that anything is possible. does it mean you sit there and wait? NO, it means you start changing your life and allow karma to do what it does best. Change things for you, for the better.


Here are a few groups of situations.

Pure Single: You may be at this time purely single, that is a person who is not in a relationship not seeing anyone and has not been in a relationship for at least a year or two.

A No Go Relationship: This is someone who is struggling with the love they have for another person who may indeed have very strong feelings for them but at this time is not going to allow themselves to combine lives with the other and not in the foreseeable future.

Divorced: Recently divorced and over the grieving ready to find that new person to combine lives with and become part of something special a new relationship.

In the three cases above there are a few steps that must be taken first before karma is going to allow another person to find you. that new soul-mate, that perfect person for you. You must take these steps in order to allow karma to make sure that you are on the right life path so that a new person can enter your life. They are not easy, the take time, and must be done in the right order for you. they are general but for the most part needed in order to move on with your life the right way and give you the fastest route to your next true love. If you are not yet in one of these categories read this anyway because some of this will apply to the next categories. For the categories above you must have already gone through grieving about the last person in your life, you must already be past them, and have put your last relationship behind you. Now you can take the basic steps.


You must have a few things going on in your life first. The first of course is a place you can call home, a place you live where you are happy and content. It does not have to be a mansion, you do not need to own it but you must make it yours, you must have a home base that you love to go to after work and when it is time to end your day.

You also need the right job or have a source of income that makes you happy. This is very important in the world we live in. It is not even all about the money, it is about things changing. Making things happen.

If you are working at a job you hate or cant stand or that is not a happy place where you cant wait to get to everyday then it is time to start looking for a job that gives you all those things. I am not saying quit, I am saying while you are working look for another, if you are not working you must find a job that makes you happy. I realize that these days you cant be picky so if you find a job just for now so that you can survive financially take it but do not stop there, keep looking even after you get that step job as I call it until you find what you want. If you need to go back to school to finish or to restart a new career do so. Keep improving your life and always be moving forward.

You also need to add things into your life for recreation. All work and no play makes anyone a not so happy person and by adding new things into your life even if you think right now that it may be boring it will put you around new people, finding you new friends and eventually leading you to a life, a new life.

You see this is all necessary because the final step before you can add someone new into your life is to have a life yourself where you are happy alone. That includes but is not limited to a place you live you call home and love, a job that you cant wait to get to everyday, and things in your life such as group activities it does not matter what they are it could be pottery lessons, bowling groups, library visits, things like that, things you enjoy so that at a certain point you can say to yourself that yes you would like to share your life with another person but you do not NEED to have another person in your life to be happy. That you are happy with your life and you have a life to share that another person will find interesting, because after all a relationship is combining lives and if you do not have a life, or are unhappy with your life, who would want to share that with you and that is one of the biggest problems as a psychics I run into. Too many people want a person in their life to make them happy, they want someone to share their life with but they do not even have a life they like to share. That just does not work. You must be happy first alone, you must be ok with being alone and happy and content and enjoying your life as it is before karma is going to drop someone in your life path to share that life with. I know the first thing you think of is replacing the person you lost so that you can be happy but it never works, who wants to combine lives with someone who has no life or who has an unhappy life. Remember that a real committed relationship means combing lives. Not two people who are miserable who figure misery loves company. The instant gratification you want lies within you, not with just finding another person to make you happy, you must make yourself happy first and nothing, I mean nothing will happen if you do not make yourself happy alone first. You may wind up dating and even have a few bad relationships but nothing great will happen for you unless you make your life happy first and this is something that people do not seem to get. I usually get as my first question from someone who has just broken up with another or who has just lost their partner for one reason or another the question "when will the next guy come into my life". Already thinking no matter how happy or unhappy they are about that next person. You cant replace, you cant make yourself happy by just having another around you if you are not yet happy with your life without someone. So look deep inside yourself and ask yourself if you are happy by yourself. If the answer is no call me and lets get that going for you. Lets see what is ahead for you and what changes you need to make to get yourself to that happy point fast so you can then take the next step. Below we will speak about a few other groups of situations. Some of the above will also apply when you have broken up with a person but want to start fresh or try again with them. They do not want to start over and recombine their lives with you because it did not work for some reason so if we are trying to still reconnect with that person sometimes making a new life, something fresh, gives them a look at you in a new way and can sometimes allow them to think of you as a new person with a new life that they may want to combine theirs with.


The Next Group Of Situations:

Above we spoke about situations that are what I call above all hope. They are either done, or finished or over or whatever word you want to describe. You at those points are over it as well and have decided or realized that that person is not going to be in your life any longer so you are starting fresh and moving on to the next. bellow we will talk about situations that you still want to try to fix, regardless of whether I read them as fixable or not. Remember, my job as your psychic is to try to help you get what you want. Yes I will tell you if I read them and feel that it is over but if you have not reached the point of moving on yet or cant and still want to try then of course I will also try everything to help you. In these cases you fall into these groups or in between these groups sometimes. Remember every situation is different and that is why you call me and do not read a book or rely solely on something like this that you are reading now. Nothing can substitute a real reading and real advice based on the now. Things change, readings change, and you can make changes that will effect the outcome of readings and situations. That is the good part. You can in many cases change things that you do, ways you act and react, use my "Spiritual Focus Lessons" and other things to try and make things work. Many people can change the way the relationship they are in is working. Try not to just call me after it is to late, if you feel a problem fix it before it becomes irreparable or almost irreparable. This is your life and is certainly worth the price of a real reading, not a fairytale reading where someone just says it will all be ok in this amount of time, but a real reading where you know what the other person is thinking and feelings about you, your relationship and a very big thing I call intent. Intent is everything and I will get to that shortly. Now here we go the next groupings of situations.


Stalled: In A Relationship: That's Stalled Or He Is Not Going To The Next Level

Just Broke Up: Had a big fight or your man or women said they are done

On The Way Out: Married or in a serious relationship and he or she wants out

Just Not Sure: In a relationship that has too many ups and downs not sure.

These situations are tougher than the first because things can go either way and
these relationship situations vary from person to person in many ways. The biggest thing is that you have not gone past it yet. You  either cant let him go, cant stop thinking about him, want him back, there is another person involved, married but one or both of you is threatening divorce. Your man may be pulling away, losing contact, not seeing you as much. The bad fight, the break up, the loss of contact and all the stuff in between.

The first thing I want to say is that before you know what is really going on you are going to need a new or fresh reading because things change so much in these situations. Something that was read about your relationship a month ago could be so different now. many of these situations can be fixed believe it or not. Just by understanding what he is thinking and feeling about you, the relationship, the way you act or react to things and the timing of everything can make all the difference. Timing is big and we will talk more about that later but for now let's discuss some other things. let's take a look at some of the components of the above categories.

Stalled is one of my favorites because it is sometimes very easy to fix, this is as long as the person that I am reading is willing to understand and embrace what I have said about how that person they are asking about is thinking and feeling about them and the relationship or situation. You can be in a relationship that has slowed, you can even be just dating, it can also be a long marriage or a jumped in too fast type scenario, but stalled is stalled. It simply means that nothing is progressing, moving ahead, or possible slipping things are slipping away. Good hint here, try to call me before things go past slipping away. The faster I can read the others thoughts and feeling and explain them to you so that you can understand them, remember in many cases most, men read different than women. That is to say that a women mind has more going on at one time than most men. Because it is so simple, it makes it harder for women to sometimes understand, for me being a male psychic I see it very quickly and I am usually dead on. I think simple as well and I can translate to you the real situation the real problem that is causing you to feel what you are feeling. The why is he acting this way question is one I want more often. Once you know the why of why he is not moving ahead as much or in any, the why he has slowed down on his contact with you and many other things, once  you know the why than you can address it. You can decide to throw it in, make a few small changes, sometimes even a big one, allow some more time, fix something that was going on before that is not. Many little things most cases can help fix this.
Now there are cases where someone has what I call "Hit The Wall". This where he or she can just not go any further at this time. This is the point where you decide based on what I have told you and any advice you ask for have to choose to roll  the dice. This mean be prepared to allow the other to stall and have more patience, and change things up a bit as well, or you can choose to just say you have tried everything to make this work and you can't invest the time you want more than this. This is a huge decision at a huge time, lots of factors come into play here so you are really going to want to know  what he is really thinking about. Do not guess, I repeat , do not guess. Love and I use that word here although not so much in my readings but for this portion, I am going to say that love is the most important thing in the world. You do not want to lose it, or miss it, or let it slip away. If there is a way you must try to get there. I am a hopeful romantic and believe love need you to give it your all. That mean's try your best, know when your next love is ahead of you, know that no matter what happens at the end, or at the beginning, you know in our heart that you tried everything, gave it the best you could, put enough time in in, not waiting time but effort time, so that you can always look back and have no regrets and know you are now on the right path. It may be the right path with that person, or a path towards another but you will know that the choice you made was the only choice you could make. I can help you understand where you are, where it is going at this time, and what you can do to try to make it work if you have already not tried everything, however if It's a matter of being able to wait no longer, or you have tried everything, than that my dear clients is KARMA telling you it is time to move along so that the real Prince Charming, or Cinderella, can be put on your new path. One thing I can tell you is that there are many soul mates for each of us running around the whole world. Many not tens but hundreds maybe thousands and depending on your situation you have found one of them or they have found you, or the right soul mate is ahead of you not behind you, or even another soul mate, sometimes after being in a great relationship or marriage with THE PRINCE or PRINCEESS is just over. It ran its course. You see there are so many different variations of problems each and everyone of us has that you really have to invest the time to get the truth's, try not to wait till it is over to call me, and if it is over, than please call me so I can confirm and make sure and than help you get on a new predictive path that will allow Karma to put a New person in your path and start you on a whole new life if needed.

Now the We Just Had a Big Fight category, this is so important, first thing you must not do is let time go by, if I could tell you how many great relationships or could be great relationships went south because of a fight where there was what I call a "Standoff", you would never believe me. If you just had that Big Fight, ask yourself how common they are, if they  are common and happen a lot, but you always work it out, that's fine, yes you need to call me to fix that but you do not need to call me that moment. But yes you need too fix common fighting fast before it gets too bad and creates more problems. I can help you with that and quickly so take some time to call and get some understanding of why you are having the common fights and let’s see what the other thinks and if needed just ask and I can give you a fix, those are solved once you know the cause. If you say to yourself, we don't fight mush, this is way bad, it is not normal, than you need to grab your phone and call me right away. Do not let this fester. This fight may be the small infection that turns the whole relationship into gang green. Do not wait to see who calls who. I tell you all this, it does not ever matter who calls who first and the more you wait the more you hurt things, i tell this to my male clients and my female clients. This is not a way to win ground, get your point across or anything like that. This is simple find out where his head is at, and what caused this by calling me first. Get some inside information and ask me for some male advice or what I see him doing if you do this, or if you do that, and then get this fight behind you and hope this isn’t the fight that he or she caused to end this, because that happens so do not think that fights here and there and every which where do not make a difference. It is not the fights it is the problems that need to be understood and hopefully fixed. If you really cant afford to call me you all should know that you can email me anytime, I never charge for emails and I will try to help you that way, but if you can afford a reading call me, it is priceless, the call that is. You cant put a value on a relationship. A psychic reading should be about information and help. Calling someone who is just going to give you a fairytale story may make you feel better for a moment, but it is not going to allow you to understand the problem so you can fix it. I seem too in many cases be the last call for people. they call me and get this real, honest, truthful reading that helps, and then they look back at all the other readings they had and realize that it dint really help them. My family of clients have been sent to me by karma, I love each and everyone of you so very much. You are my family and I want nothing more to allow you to find true happiness in the fastest possible path. I tell you the truth so you can do so. I know in some cases you do not like what you hear, but you know it is the truth. I take my gifts very seriously and know that what I read for them changes their lives, that is responsibility and I make sure to tell only what I see clearly. I am very honest. I will tell you if there is any way possible, I will tell you if there is not. You can rest assured in knowing that I want true love first and always as I have said above think of that as number one goal of clients. So for just broke up and Had a big fight remember this, it does not mean it is over, do not let it go too far, do not just wait for something to change or for you to get that first call. Actions in your present help make up your future in a very large way. Your true future is not written in stone, there are many predictive paths and you choose the ones you take and the ones you either get off of and onto another or you stay on and make the path clean and clear. Some of these end all fights or breakups are his or her way of telling you that there is a problem. They repeat or get to a bad point because you are not understand the other person. Let me help you understand. just do not let this make or break you, even if you do not call or email me remember this. This could be the last fight, but most certainly does not have to be, you are making a choice by either doing nothing or by doing something, always choose the something. In the long run, even blind, even  without knowing what is going on with the other person, you are still better to act than not to do anything. Yes I would rather you call me and get informed, get that inside information that they are trying to get you to understand, but if not I have found that doing something works much better than nothing. Sometimes waiting is the thing to do, but more likely is the action you make to help things get back to normal and then fix that. It hurts to be away from someone who is also wanting to be with you. Keep that in mind also it comes up quite a bit in my readings.

On the Way Out, ugh... This are painful reads for me because I do feel your feelings when we are engaged in a reading, after for a while as well, and this situation no matter what always hurts. No way around it but time. Time, very important word here. This is not something I can give many clear example of that happen in common sometimes because each situation is different. The marriage may have just run it's course. yes sometimes after being with someone for a very long time you both want a second life, or one of you does. then on the other hand it could just be something that can be fixed based on just a few things he or she is missing in the marriage. if you want out and you feel it is over you need to move on it. If you have already decided that you want out than eventually you will be out so why wait and make things worse or more painful. Make sure you have thought it through, but if you are sure than you need to just go. Start fresh now, because if you really know, why wait. Why hurt another, why hurt you, why waste time.
If you have someone in your life that wants out and you do not, then we first have to look to see if that person has already made up their mind. If they have, just like you might, then only in very small cases can thing be made better, or better for good anyway, for the long term. If you are not sure, still thinking things out,
then make sure you call me, get some inside info so that you can make the right decision. This goes for many men that call me and for many women as well.
This is big stuff here people make sure you know what you are doing, what you want, but this is where action one way or another needs to take place. The waiting game no matter what end of this you are on, it could be you leaving him, him leaving you, does not matter, this is big stuff so make sure you know what you are doing and than do it.

Just Not Sure. Depending on how long you have just not been that sure for make all the difference. The basic advice I can give you here is just to realize that you want those fireworks in the beginning, they almost never come later, make sure you have those feeling first, take your time, but in your heart you will know and when you need confirmation, when you need some inside info to make things go better, I am here. If your having trouble getting started in a relationship, or meeting new people, there are problems but there are answers. The above are some basics, not everything can apply to every or any situations you may be having. Each person I read is different, unique, has a specific set of things they want to know about and relationships in general vary very much on the little things and the problem is that little things count. They add up to big things. Big things, well not so good.

Don't Hold Back

You know I really tried to write something here that would maybe help everyone a small bit. It is not meant to tell you about your specific situation, it more of my way of telling you what I get on the average more of than other questions and the easy solutions that sometimes there are. I wanted to really stress a bit about moving on because moving on or as I say moving forward can sometimes even lead you back to the person you wanted in the first place, but it will always lead you on to better and happier things. Maybe now you say no way, but I have had too many clients call me up and tell me after a while that they are so happy, have someone new, someone way better, getting married or engaged, and I love that because at one point they were so miserable, so unhappy, and never thought they would be happy again. They let me help them, they took my readings, use the info, took my advice, used that, and now they are happy. This is why I can tell people 100% honest answers. Because I know that if you do that, then you will make people happy and help them. Helping people is why I read on keen. My clients are my family and I will always be on your side, help you with what you want, regardless of anything. you can tell me anything you want without any judgment ever. Say any word you want to use, I understand. Do not hold back your thoughts, vibrations, or feelings about anything when you call me for a reading because the more you open up the better I can read you and the people you ask about through you.


I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of my family of clients for calling me, allowing me to read for you, and help you. remember you can email me anytime, I do not charge ever. If you called me just once 6 months ago you can  still email me and ask me about something. My clients can email me 5 times a day if they want. I love you all so very much. I guess from the amount of relationships I have helped with and the accuracy of my reading, my specialty is romance readings, my clients even gave me that nick name "THE ROMANCE PSYCHIC", but I do want to say that read very well on dream interpretations, financial outlook, job situations, other world connections. Yes I do some medium work if asked by a clients although it takes so much out of me I do not want many of those readings.
I do great Tarot Card readings, that are very much different than my normal readings. More like a fortune telling that is accurate and I pick up many strange and different things during my Tarot Readings. I ask you to email me at least a day before you want a Tarot Card readings so I can make sure my Tarot deck is available, that I prepare myself and have you meditate before the reading so that I can give you the best tarot Reading possible. My Tarot Card reading are different, I read them as they are meant to be read leaving what I pick up with my gifts out of the reading. Use me when you need me or want me, but remember, I am the one who will always give you the truth.


With All My Love And Light Your Psychic "The Romance Psychic"
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Sunday, May 5, 2013


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